About Me


Thanks for stopping by Taylor in Your Kitchen.  My name is Sydney Taylor, and I love cooking for my friends and family, reading new recipes, and experimenting in my kitchen. My goal is to make healthy cooking more accessible to my peers, starting with a course on “The Intimidating Vegetables.”

I was inspired by a book I’ve been reading called “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” by Michael Pollan.   At first, I felt overwhelmed by the idea that the author presents about eating with the seasons.  Now, I realize that eating seasonally could be an exciting way to try new things.  My first step will be to check out the local farmers market and see what is in season.  I’ll work with one type of produce at a time, using a variety of recipes.  I’m hoping that by making seasonal foods more accessible, I can help my peers branch out and vary their diets, and support the local food community.  Along the way, I’ll feature family favorites and meals shared with friends during my travels.  Join me on my culinary journey!